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Cherkizovo group joined the national Union of meat processors
Cherkizovsky meat processing plant, part of Cherkizovo Group, has become a new member of the National Union of meat processors. Participation in the work of the Union will promote interaction with other industry participants in conducting dialogue with the state institutions.
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At the next meeting of NP "national Union of meat processors" (NSM) members of the organization adopted the Cherkizovsky meat processing plant – the oldest enterprise of the Group, which this year marks 45 years.

NSM currently has more than 80 enterprises in the meat industry from different regions of the country. The Union was created at the initiative of business to defend the interests of industry in public authorities and creating a positive image of processed meat products in the eyes of consumers.

"One of our goals is maximum consolidation of the industry under the "umbrella" of NSM. And the accession to the Union of such companies as "Cherkizovo" is an important step in creating a strong industry organization," comments Executive Director of NSM Catherine lucchino. "We expect that membership in the NSM will contribute to a more dense communication of the Group with the participants of the Russian market of meat processing in the formation of the industry position on various pressing issues that need to be discussed with Federal and regional officials," - said General Director of Group "Cherkizovo" Sergei Mikhailov.

Among the issues that are on the agenda of NSM, the abolition of redundant and outdated requirements of the regulatory bodies, changes in the Technical regulations of the Customs Union. Also among the objectives of the Alliance include strengthening the trust relationship between meat processors and retailers.


About Cherkizovo Group

Cherkizovo group is Russia's largest producer of meat products under the brands "Cherkizovo", "Pelinka", "Chicken Kingdom" etc. is among the three leaders on the market of chicken meat, pork, Turkey meat and processed meat products. The group includes 9 poultry farms-full cycle 16 modern pig complexes, meat processing plants 8 and 9 feed mills and about 300 thousand ha of agricultural land. In 2018, the Group produced approximately 1 million tons of meat products. The company's consolidated revenues in 2018 amounted to 102,6 billion. The advantage of the company is vertical integration, which connects every link in the agricultural chain, from grain production to production of finished products, ensuring product quality at all stages. Shares of Cherkizovo Group are traded on the Moscow exchange (MOEX).


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