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Forecast of world production of flax seed in 2019/20 MG reduced
Experts of Oil World in its December report conducted a downward adjustment of forecast of production of flax seed in this season – from 3.01 million tonnes in the previous estimate to 2.87 million tons, but still more than last season (2,66 million tons).
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In particular, it has reduced the forecast of the harvest of oilseeds in Kazakhstan – up to 0.75 million tons against 0,79 million tons expected earlier. However, the updated estimate exceeds the record figure 2018/19 MG (of 0.68 million tonnes). Also, the rating was lowered for the EU – up to 0.11 (0,13; 0,13) million tons, Canada – to 0.49 (or 0.58; and 0.49) million tons.

Also, several analysts lowered the forecast of world processing of Flaxseed in 2019/20 MG to 2.35 million tons, which is slightly higher than in the previous season (of 2.33 million tons). At the same time, experts noted that Kazakhstan and Russia is expected to increase processing of oil.


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