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In 2019, the export of palm kernel oil Malaysia increased by 15%
According to experts of Oil World, in the first 11 months of this year Malaysia increased exports of palm kernel oil 15% per year, from 861 thousand tons in 2018 to 992 thousand tons.
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In particular, during the reporting period is marked by higher shipments of product into China to 166 thousand tons (+12%), India – to 101 thousand tons (+35%), Turkey – to 83 thousand tons (+48%) and the USA – up to 80 (+7) thousand tons.

The volume of export of palm kernel oil in the EU as a whole remained at last year's level – 221 (233) thousand tons.

Also, according to the experts, in this period, the production volume of palm kernel oil in Malaysia increased to 2.17 million tonnes against 2.08 million tonnes in the same period last year, and domestic consumption of the product increased to 1.42 (1,36) million tons.

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Friday, 07 August 2020
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