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Nearly 4,000 tons of the commander squid got fishermen of Sakhalin,
The fishermen of the Sakhalin region produced last year, about 4,000 tonnes of squid commander.
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According to the Sakhalin-Kuril territorial administration Rosrybolovstva, the fishery for this species cephalopods of the company was carried out in waters off the southern Kuril Islands to the Bering sea. But the main amount is taken from the Pacific side of the Northern Kuril Islands.

Soft and tender meat of the commander squid contains no cholesterol. It is appreciated worldwide not only for its excellent taste but also for its useful properties. There are a lot of protein and vitamins B6, PP, E and C, and polyunsaturated fats. Also in the squid contain such elements as phosphorus, iron, iodine and potassium, which is important for heart health.

In the shops of our region commander squid is usually sold carcasses. But on the rings and the fillets are more squid – Filipino and Peruvian. They have a characteristic ammonia smell, so they are soaked in special chemical solutions. But the trade network in the price tags usually do not indicate the name of the species of these mollusks and especially the time and location of their catch.


Source: Sakhalin.Info


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