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Russia will present a large-scale exposition at the exhibition "Green week" in Berlin
From 17 to 26 January 2020 in Berlin (Germany) will host the 85-th international exhibition-fair "Green week 2020" (International Green Week Berlin), which traditionally demonstrates the world achievements in the field of food industry, agriculture and horticulture.
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The Russian Federation will exhibit a single large-scale exhibition area of over 5 thousand square metres, organized by the Ministry of agriculture jointly with the Russian export center. 18 regions of the country will present on their best agricultural and food products – bakery and confectionery products, fish and seafood, vegetables and fruits, vegetable oil, honey, wine and other products. In addition to the regions their products will represent about 250 domestic companies.

The concept of the national exposition provides for the demonstration of achievements of domestic agriculture and a variety of food products that meet international standards of safety and environmental protection. In addition, will be organized in the restaurant area where you are scheduled gastronomic events and tastings, plus a "Russian Food Market", where visitors will be able to buy the products of Russian manufacturers. The exhibition will be accompanied by a large concert with performances of creative collectives.

The participation of the Russian Federation in the largest international food exhibition will demonstrate the achievements of domestic agriculture and contribute to the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation between the Russian producers and buyers of agricultural commodities from around the world.

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