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The doctor explained, whether to replace the usual products counterparts
Dietitian Marina Machisa in an interview with "AIF" gave the recommendations to replace foods counterparts.
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According to the doctor, one of the problems with modern diet is the excess in the diet of "fast" carbohydrates. In addition, every third Russian in forty suffering from diabetes or insulin resistance. She recalled that women can 30 grams of sugar per day and men 50.
To reduce the impact of sugars on the body, and change taste habits, a nutritionist suggested to replace it with stevia.
According to the doctor, the difference between the use of chicken and quail eggs no — it is recommended to choose the kind of eggs that you like.
Lovers of coffee the nutritionist advised me to replace it with chicory. It contains soluble fiber, which has a positive effect on the digestive system and supports intestinal flora.
However Makisha opposed the replacement of cow's milk with a vegetable. According to her, the vegetable analogues "empty", they are necessary only for people with intolerance to milk. She also reminded that excluding dairy products from the diet, a person can get problems with teeth and bones from lack of calcium.
In addition, the doctor recommends to eat and low-fat dairy products, because milk fat is useful because of the content of phospholipids. They are necessary for repair of cells.
Makisha also proposed to use for frying melted butter as the butter starts to burn and form carcinogens. However, for sandwiches is to use conventional oil, as in the production of baked vitamin A is partially destroyed.
According to nutritionist, black and green tea possess antioxidant effect. In addition, the teas lead to increased vitality. So the doctor advised not to eat them in the evening, noting that the best to drink in the morning or afternoon.
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