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"Pella" started the construction of two far Eastern fishermen for fishermen
On the stocks shipyard "Pella" is a traditional participant of the exhibition in St. Petersburg fish SAFOOD industry EXPO RUSSIA started the construction of two vessels for the extraction of crab project 03070 for the far East region. Entered into force on contracts concluded between JSC "Pella" and "Island-Crab" at the end of the electronic crab auctions.
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Currently, the shipyard in advance mode, work is underway to complete the formation of the first two buildings with the goal of early delivery. In full running the company for the purchase of peripheral equipment.

Crabcatchers length to 50.45 meters, is intended for specialized bottom longline catches of king crab (Kamchatka, opilio, blue) cone traps "Japanese" type, then sort, overload in a lattice basket and transportation of live crab, chilled and stowed in the prepared sea water in special insulated tanks (RSW-tanks).

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