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AGROSILA in 2020 will implement artificial intelligence on a dairy farm
AGROSILA plans to implement the program of "Artificial intelligence on a dairy farm." As reported by Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" on livestock Ayan Ibatullin, the relevant work will unfold at the site of OOO "Niva" - the agricultural part of the Holding.
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"The artificial intelligence program - Dairy production analytic. It will allow in real time to obtain timely access to relevant data in the agricultural firm. We will be able to analyze and control key performance indicators, receive timely notifications of any deviation and to obtain reliable predictions. This is especially important for us in the development of a new concept of animal husbandry, where the main thing-transition from quantitative indicators to qualitative, due to the concentration of livestock and productivity while simultaneously reducing costs," notes Ayan Ibatullin.

The new concept included: modernization of existing cattle-breeding complexes, new construction, concentration of productive livestock and improve genetic potential of the herd. In 2019 the company has received 62 thousand tonnes of raw milk, the average milk yield per cow for the year was 5 296 kg, which is 349 kg more productivity in 2018. In total we sold about 59 thousand tons of milk. Specialists in agribusiness came 4 166 tons gross weight, and increased litter up to 14 457 goals and 109% of the planned level.

"In 2019 we laid the first stone for the construction of the dairy complex "Aznakay" 2,500 head of dairy cattle. The main construction works and installation of equipment is scheduled for 2020. Modernization of existing livestock farms took place as planned and was aimed mainly to improve comfort in animals. Increasing the genetic potential is realized in accordance with the determined genetic plan, with the involvement of the world's leading genetic companies Genex and WWS," notes Ayan Ibatullin.


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