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Buying seeds has become a real lottery. On the one hand, the risk of being cheated seems small, because a packet of seeds is not very expensive.
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But now comes the time to lay the Foundation for future harvest, and the seeds will not germinate, or the seedlings are very weak, or is not a carrot and a weed. In the end, the optimal planting time is missed, the nerves pretty exhausted, and the seeds have to buy again. One of the benchmarks when selecting seeds brand. Internet-shop "AGROPROF" on https://agroprof.com.ua/semena-ovoshchey/ offered by professional vegetable seeds from the biggest brands from around the world.

The company is the official distributor of United Genetics, Bejo Zaden, Bayer, Syngenta, Nongwoo Bio, Rijk Zwaan's Seed Wing, and other leaders in the field of seed production. These manufacturers are implementing large-scale breeding programs aimed at improving yield, resistance to pests and diseases, to improve palatability. Especially in demand on the world markets Dutch seed breeding.

The problems can be not only a viable. Carrots may be tasteless, the tomatoes are not juicy, strawberries are bad... it's a Beautiful crop only the picture nothing is guaranteed, although not always in a bad result to blame the seeds. Perhaps the cottager did not take into account the requirements of the varieties to the soil, to humidity, to temperature, and maybe the summer was too hot, or too cold, or the chosen variety was resistant to pests.

How to choose vegetable seeds

The choice is connected with the conditions in which to grow vegetables. For example, there are varieties for open ground and greenhouses. Regions with short summers better suited seeds early and mid-season varieties; in the southern regions, you can grow any of the varieties and hybrids, including late. For growing in the greenhouse need a self-pollinating hybrids.

On Agroprof.com.ua there are hybrids and varieties. Varieties are easier to adapt to different growing conditions, have excellent taste characteristics. Hybrids are disease resistant, produce good crops, form a fruit right shape, but to their offspring with the same properties will not work.

For growing in greenhouses "AGROPROF" recommends hybrids of cucumbers: the Arctic F1, F1 Aristocrat, Artist F1 absolute F1, F1 Kibria, Amur F1, école F1, crispina F1.

Among the most popular hybrids of tomatoes — Flamingo F1 and F1 zodiac. Both hybrids are characterized by high productivity and are suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and in open ground. Flamingos F1 more large fruit (220-260 gr.) pink color; maturing period of 61 to 65 days after transplanting. Zodiac F1 gives a smooth bright red fruits weighing up to 220 gr. The yield per Bush manages to get significant, so tomatoes need support (to set the stakes).


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