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The company announces the release of the 5 th tokovogo baler
Rostselmash, part of the Association "Rosspetsmash", announces the release of the 5 th tokovogo baler. Over the years, the anniversary model has undergone a lot of qualitative changes.
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Job baler Tukan 1600 is the collection of rolls of hay natural and sowed grass or straw, their pressing into rectangular bales and tying them with string. For their formation are even suitable for light culture of plants in the car installed a special system of density regulation.

Another key quality of this baler - saving. Save time, labor, and energy resources.

The first baler TUKAN 1600 was released in 2005. In 2006, this unit has become a leader in sales of mounted and trailed equipment of Rostselmash.

For years of work in Russian and foreign markets of agricultural machinery, the model was upgraded in the direction of improvement quality characteristics. Today it is an indispensable machine that meets the requirements of farmers and agricultural enterprises.

Today square baler comes also in China, Brazil, Tunisia, Syria, Iran, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Kazakhstan and several other countries. More than half the produced TUKAN 1600 implemented for export and are now working abroad.

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