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"News": experts predict a rise in prices of meat and milk in Russia
Meat and dairy production this year may increase this to 12 percent. This is reported by "Izvestia", citing data from the Analytical centre of the government.
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The growth of prices for products of animal origin will be associated with the higher cost of raw materials, gas, electricity and other services required for production. Another factor influencing the pricing will be introduced from 1 November 2019 electronic veterinary certification system "mercury". In addition, from 1 June 2020 introduces digital marking of dairy products that will also increase the burden on manufacturers, the newspaper writes.
In the Analytical center under the government are also confident that due to the serious rise in prices for palm oil, 5-7% more expensive candy, ice cream, cookies, chips. In the same range will increase and the price of buckwheat due to the reduction of crops.
In December of 2019 the price of food rose by 0.7%: in particular, chicken eggs rose by 6.3% (15.4% in December 2018), fruits and vegetables - by 3.8% (8.9% a year earlier), cereals and pulses - 1% (1.2%). The prices reductions were recorded for sugar - by 3.7%, against a growth of 2% a year earlier, and meat and poultry - by 0.1% against growth of 1%, respectively.

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