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The network of hypermarket O ' KAY refuses plastic bags from the primary oil
O'KEY Group S. A. (LSE: OKEY, RAEX – ‘ruA-’) is the first Russian retail networks on trade in food products completely phasing out the sales of plastic bags from the primary oil. This decision is due to the concern of the company about the environment and the adoption of new principles of corporate policy "is Green".
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As an alternative to buyers, "OK" will offer 10 types of packaging for purchased items that consistently will go on sale in Q1-2020. Among them will be like packs of biodegradable starch and are 100% recycled plastic, and reusable bags of different sizes from paper bags with high durability, bags from jute and cotton to bags made of nylon and PVC. Previously sold plastic bags from the essential oil will disappear from the stores until the end of February.

One of the types of packaging – bag of cotton, will be devoted to the charitable action "Good buy" that the company "O'key" held at the end of last year, collecting for charitable purposes 7 million. Bag with the image of children's drawing competition "Good buying the eyes of a child" will be sold in chain stores "okay" on a regular basis. Part of the profit received from the sale of these bags will be sent to the Rusfond to assist seriously ill children.

A complete rejection of plastic bags from the primary oil will allow the company to contribute to reducing harm to the environment. Every year the world uses more than 4 trillion plastic bags which in a natural environment decay from 400 to 700 years, forming a stable pollution. Around 40 countries have introduced a legislative ban or restriction on the use of such packages. In Russia, the official restrictions on the use of packages of essential oils yet.



O'KEY Group S. A. (LSE: OKEY, RAEX — ' ruA -') is presented in two formats: hypermarkets under the brand name "O'key" and discount stores under the brand "YES!".

On December 31, 2019 the Group operates 178 stores in Russia (78 of 100 hypermarkets and discounters). The group opened its first hypermarket in 2002 in Saint-Petersburg and since then has been steadily increasing. "Okay" the first Russian retail networks on trade in food products has launched and is actively developing an online sales channel with the range on the basis of hypermarkets in Moscow and St. Petersburg for home delivery. The group organized six points of delivery of online orders in Moscow and six in St. Petersburg. The group manages four distribution centers in Russia: two in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg. On December 31, 2019, the Group employs more than 20,000 employees.

In 2018, the revenue of the Group amounted to 161 303 411 thousand rubles, EBITDA — 8 644 008 thousand rubles, the net loss for the period amounted to 599 755 thousand rubles.

Shareholder structure GK "OK": NISEMAX Co Ltd — 44,79%, GSU Ltd — 29,52%, shares in free float and 25.69%.

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