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EkoNiva launched into orbit tsefey
The winter wheat variety tsefey breeding EkoNiva included in the State register of selection achievements, admitted to use.
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More than five years in zashchitnoye (Kursk region) the company "EkoNiva" is engaged in breeding of winter wheat and soybeans. And here is the first results: winter wheat variety with beautiful astronomical name approved for use!

— Tsefey — middle-grade intensive type of use, — says Andrey Zvyagin, plant breeder-seed producer EkoNiva-Semena. —It is distinguished by high adaptive properties, stable yield and high grain quality. Is a type of food direction and corresponds to the strong wheat. The potential yield is 11 t/ha, maximum obtained during testing to 10.7 t/ha.

But its main distinctive feature – high resistance to frost.

— Variety is positively proved itself during testing in January — February of 2018 at the Shchigrovsky state variety plot in the Kursk region, — continues Andrey Zvyagin. — In stress conditions, in the absence of snow cover and at low temperatures down to 26 degrees below zero, the Cepheus, in comparison with other varieties of winter wheat showed the highest frost hardiness and formed one of the highest yield.

In Heartless are now several varieties of its own breeding EkoNiva. It is possible that this year will be registered and other varieties.

— Introduction of our varieties in the state register is the result of long-term work of the company "Russian Farms", says Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva GC. — Our contribution to import substitution. I hope that the new variety will be in demand by the farmers, which need an effective, cold-resistant variety of wheat. For us breeding activities is also a good business diversification, the opportunity to enter a new orbit highly intelligent products.

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