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Rosselkhozbank has doubled financial support to Russian exporters of poultry meat
In 2019 Russian agricultural Bank has issued around RUB 56 billion to exporters of poultry meat, which is more than two times higher than that in 2018 Just last year Rosselkhozbank has issued poultry about 72 billion rubles, growth to 2018 amounted to 65%. Tellingly, the value of Russian exports of poultry meat grew by the same 65% to 310 million dollars. USA. The volume delivered overseas production, mainly of high value-added, increased by 10%, exceeding 200 thousand tons.
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Rosselkhozbank is a supporting Bank of Russian exporters of poultry meat. Leading manufacturers, who account for more than half of domestic exports, the Group "Cherkizovo" and a Group of agroenterprises "Resurs" are clients of Rosselkhozbank.

The Bank forecast a continuation of growth as domestic production of poultry meat and its exports. At the end of last year, the leading market was China, accounting for about 30% of Russian export and over 40% in value terms. "The development of Russian exports of poultry meat in the near future will be connected with the China market, — said the head of Department of industry expertise of JSC "Russian agricultural Bank" Andrey Dalnov at a panel discussion held in the framework of the exhibition AGROS 2020. — At the same time, we see risks for export development related to the emergence in China of a new player – the United States. Long time supply of this country were closed. Now the US will increase exports of chicken paws, chicken legs and thighs of broilers, of which the growth of Russian exports may slow down. Almost certainly will change its structure: decrease the proportion of the legs and increase the proportion of wings, as Americans this position don't deliver. Perhaps in some periods the supply of fillets will also be beneficial to the Russian exporters", — said Andrei Dalnov.

In his speech he also spoke about the factors that affect the formation of Russia as one of the world's leading exporter of poultry meat. First, the market factor: the cost of production of Russian companies remains relatively high. Its decrease will occur with the increasing competition, including from manufacturers of alternative chicken pork and others, and also through import substitution related industries, for example, in feed production. A good example is the project of the Group for the construction of oil extraction plant, which is being implemented with the support of Rosselkhozbank and enable Cherkizovo to reduce dependence on imported soybean meal.

Secondly, non-tariff restrictions in foreign trade. "Access to supply poultry meat to the Chinese market was a real breakthrough and a big victory for the negotiating team. However, there are markets that are comparable in capacity with the Chinese, but which are not implemented Russian supplies. This is Japan, EU, Mexico. For each of these countries, you can choose the positions for which Russian poultry farmers competitive now, and it is necessary to ensure at least equivalent access to their agricultural markets", — said the expert agricultural.

JSC "Rosselhozbank" is the basis of national credit and financial service system of agroindustrial complex of Russia. The Bank was founded in 2000 and today is a key lender to the agriculture of the country, is among the largest and most stable banks in the country in terms of assets and capital, as well as the leaders of a reliability rating of the largest Russian banks.

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