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Russia began the spring sowing
Agrarians of the Crimea took the early grain is almost 2 thousand hectares
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Agrarians of the Crimea began the sowing of spring agricultural crops, reported the Ministry of agriculture of the region. Early grains and legumes is scheduled to take 91 thousand hectares, according to the February 11, planted about 2% of this area or 1.9 thousand hectares, work has begun in eight districts. Last year Crimea began spring planting around the same time.

In General spring-sown crops should be seeded in the 294,2 thousand hectares. According to the Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers — Minister of agriculture of the Crimea Andrei Ryumshina, 172 thousand hectares is technical agriculture, for 97.5 thousand hectares of grain and legumes, 27.2 thousand hectares of fodder. The remaining area will grow vegetables and potatoes. Winter crops in the Crimea planted on 482,6 thousand hectares, 100% of the area of the resulting seedlings. "In good and satisfactory condition there are more than 53% of crops," said Rumson.

The Federal Ministry of agriculture on the eve held a meeting on preparation for spring field work. According to approvedate, in 2020 spring needs to hold 52 million hectares, which corresponds to last year's level. Including spring crops it is planned to sow 29.2 million hectares. however, due to the warm winter in some regions of the Russian field work will begin before the average annual terms, draws the attention of the Department.

Previously at the national agronomic and agricultural engineering meeting, the Director of the Department of plant growing of the Ministry of agriculture Roman Nekrasov has noticed that this year we need to expand the rye crops on nearly 200 thousand hectares of buckwheat and 52 thousand hectares, which will allow to resolve the market imbalance due to the reduction of their production and to ensure reasonable prices for producers. According to Ministry forecast, spring wheat may be planted on 12.1 million hectares, barley — by almost 7.9 million ha, corn is 2.7 million hectares, buckwheat — 858,2 thousand hectares, rice — 197,4 thousand hectares, bean — 2.17 million ha. of Technical agriculture is supposed to sow by 15.45 million hectares, including sunflower — on 8.1 million hectares, sugar beet — at 1.08 mln ha, soybean — by 3.17 million ha, spring rape — almost 1.3 million ha. of Potatoes will be planted on an area of 1.3 million hectares (commodity sector), vegetables — 527,3 thousand hectares.

Winter crops under harvest 2020 was sown on a record 18.3 million hectares, which is 865 thousand hectares more than the previous year. Weather conditions require special attention to monitoring the condition of winter crops and to care for them, said the meeting in the Ministry of agriculture the head of Department Dmitry Patrushev. He also noted that 94% of crops are in good and satisfactory condition, which is better than the mean multiyear values. According to the forecast of the Ministry, the grain harvest this year may reach 125,3 million tons while Industry analysts estimate the potential gross collection above, however, remind you that weather risks persist throughout the entire growing season and harvesting of agricultural products.

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