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Company Master Mushroom was presented at the PRODEXPO 2020 complete range of packaged products
Company Master Mushroom presented at PRODEXPO 2020 the full range of products: mushrooms packaged in trays brand colours, black and green, the volume 250, 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000 gr. There are three kinds of trays packing: stretch film, flow-pack, sealed.
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And also vary yourself mushrooms: standard mushrooms 4-6 cm, mini-mushrooms 1.5-3 cm, mushrooms grilled with a diameter of 6 cm to 9 see it All – first grade, which means that the fungus is white, the right shape, not opened, the cut can be pinkish. Shelf life 15 days thanks to modern technology shock vacuum cooling.

Despite the fact that to the market came only in the 4th quarter 2019года products under the brand name Sampinjonu already comes in such a network as GIPERGLOBUS, Tape, Okay, stores "Yes!" Spar Nizhniy Novgorod and Spar Tula, Dixie. In addition, the company has contracts to supply more than 15 retailers, including at the Federal level.

The company also provides wholesale supply. In January 2020, had shipped a total of more than 150 tonnes of fresh mushroom. In the coming months the agro-industrial complex will reach its full production capacity and will supply up to 850 tons per month.

"Our customers are very satisfied with the quality of our mushroom - says Deputy CEO of Tinkoff Evgeny Vladimirovich - the most popular retailers are still filling the trays 400 and 500 g, is also popular boxes 3 kg, of which the buyer is in the sales area can dial yourself as many mushroom as he wants".


The company "Master Mushroom", founded by brothers Andrei and Alexei Dahnovici (co-owners GK "Foodland") in 2016, is one of the largest mushroom growing in Russia. The production capacity of the first agro - 10,000 tonnes of mushrooms per year and 35 000 tons of substrate. In the future, production volumes will be increased to 20,000 tons of fresh mushroom to 60,000 tons of compost. It is also planned the construction lines for the deep processing of fungus with a capacity of 10 000 tons per year. the Total investment in the first place amounted to 3.5 billion rubles.

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