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Miratorg started to export high quality beef to Brazil
APH Miratorg, the largest producer of pork and beef in Russia, reports that the first among Russian producers started to supply high-quality beef in Brazil.
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Miratorg is the largest producer of beef in Russia. Investment in an interregional project of cattle exceed 114 billion. In 6 regions of the Russian Federation built 97 farms cattle and total livestock of specialized beef breeds Aberdeen-Angus has already exceeded 700 thousand animals, which allows to provide raw materials to the growing demand both on Russian and global markets.

The production chain includes crop division, cattle farms, playgrounds grain fed (ranking) and high-tech, automated complex for the slaughtering and processing of cattle with the capacity of 500 thousand head per year. Full cycle of production and logistic services, high level of automation of production, ensured compliance with all sanitary and veterinary standards and requirements ensure high quality of the product and its accessibility to a wide range of consumers.

The holding company has produced more than 137 thousand tons of beef in 2019. The company is actively diversifitsirovat the markets, expanding the geography of supply of high-quality beef for export. Today Miratorg meat supplies in nearly 30 countries, including Gulf countries, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Customs Union and the CIS. In Brazil agricultural holding within the HoReCa channel will put more than 13 tons of products, including traditional cuts for the grill dishes Churassco and premium cuts-the sirloin and other steaks.

"The company's strategy aimed at increasing exports of products with high added value, competitive in price and demand on international markets. To achieve this goal, the agricultural holding extends the range and ensures the product quality on the level of the best world manufacturers. Also, when planning we take into account the characteristics of food culture in the countries-importers and offer a product that meets the preferences of consumers", - said the President of APH "Miratorg" Viktor Linnik.

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