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The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation will simplify the new system of state support of agriculture taking into account the observations of the regions
The Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation, introduced this year a new system of state support of agriculture, plans to simplify it in line with the observations of the regions. "Of course, the first year (work new). We have a lot of questions arise. We are almost at a constant level with the actors communicate in order to make support easier enough, and already the first group of changes was drawn - the subjects paid attention to what you need to simplify," said Deputy Minister of agriculture Yelena fastova at the XXXI Congress of AKKOR (Association of peasant (farmer) farms and agricultural cooperatives) in Moscow.
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According to her, on Thursday, the office will be the next session, which will discuss the changes. "We realize that there are problems, but during the year we will try to make sure that the support was transparent and clear," she said.

Fastova reminded that we are talking about the introduction of a compensatory and incentive subsidies. They were derived from merging three types of subsidies that operated until recently, subsidies for milk, unrelated (so-called per-hectare) support and a uniform subsidy. Compensating subsidy involves the provision of budgetary allocations on maintaining the profitability of farmers, that is, it will compensate for lost income and distributed on an area of 1 ha, 1 liter of milk. Stimulating will support promising areas of agriculture in the regions. To this end, the Ministry of agriculture has identified 9 areas, including the development of production of oilseeds, primarily soybeans and canola, greenhouse vegetables, and viticulture and winemaking, cattle breeding, the development of greenhouse agriculture etc.

On a compensating subsidy in this year planned to send 34.2 billion rubles for subsidizing and 27.1 billion rubles. In addition, concessional lending, which is one of the most popular measures of state support, will be allocated for 90.9 billion rubles, including 19.6 billion rubles on short-term and of 71.3 billion for investment loans.

That a new mechanism was complicated and needs to be improved at the end of last year, said Alexey Gordeev, who was then Deputy Prime Minister and oversaw APK. "This issue was also not easy. This is due to the fact that, first, agricultural production is largely dependent on weather conditions and to take on hard commitments hard enough. Secondly, too much weight any contracts, agreements, and also that it did not become a large bureaucratic work with small effect," he said.

Fastova also reported that the overall state of the industry this year will be 325,5 billion roubles. The bulk of the funds - 283,5 billion rubles will be spent on the implementation of the state program of development of agriculture.

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Thursday, 26 November 2020
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