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Company "absolute Insurance" has joined the national Union of agricultural insurers
Company "absolute Insurance" has joined the national Union of agricultural insurers (NSA). The decision was taken at a meeting on 14 February by the Presidium of the NSA, as a result, she became the 15th member of the Union. The Department of insurance agricultural risks "absolute Insurance", headed by Dmitry Yarosh.
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According to him, agricultural insurance is a new direction for "absolute Insurance". The company took the decision to open it in connection with the intensification of the country these types of insurance after the changes of the order of subsidizing of agricultural insurance and agricultural insurance regulations with government support, introduced in March 2019 in connection with the updating of the relevant legislation.

"This year for "absolute Insurance" will become an important stage of gradual development in the insurance sector, the interests of agricultural producers: the company will create a network of regional agents, to train the branches to establish relationships with research and expert organizations in the regions. In the interests of "absolute Insurance" about a dozen areas, especially in the southern and Central regions," - said D. Yarosh.

The national Union of agricultural insurers was founded in 2007 with the active support of the Ministry of agriculture of Russia, Ministry of Finance of Russia, Federal service for insurance supervision and the all-Russian Union of insurers. The Association has consolidated the largest companies of Federal and regional levels interested in the development of agricultural insurance, and became the center of the development of modern agricultural insurance with state support in the interests of farmers and insurers of Russia. Membership in the NRA is voluntary, and today, the Union includes 15 insurance companies. From 1 January 2016 a condition of membership in the National Union of agricultural insurers (ECA) is mandatory for insurance companies entering into contracts of insurance with state support.

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