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JSC "FGC" launched the service "Cargo Express"
Federal freight company started providing the service of "Freight Express Federal freight" is the reservation VAGONMASH as part of the technical routes on a schedule of freight trains with the agreed time of departure and time of arrival at the destination station. First Express, consisting of 55 closed cars passed on the route from Perovo station of the Moscow railway.d. to Inskaya station of the West Siberian railway.d.
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General Director of JSC "Federal freight" Viktor Voronovich noted that the travel time was 3 days, which is 2.5 times faster than traditional submissions in the composition of the irregular trains.

"The possibility of consolidation of clients and cargo in the accelerated train – a definite competitive advantage, especially attractive for small and medium-sized businesses. The shipper is confident in the safety of fragile goods, fast delivery just in time, as the route is no sorting of cars. The application form procedure is extremely simplified and the client can schedule sending it to any convenient date, providing effective solutions for business development", – said the head of JSC "FGC".

He also stressed that the Federal cargo company, in turn, increases the technological efficiency of the Park, reducing the turnover of the car, increasing the level of the routing of shipments and the share of loaded wagons. In addition, the operator is expanding its client portfolio and attract additional cargo volume from road transport to rail.

Since March 2020, JSC "FGC" is planning to increase the number of shipments "Freight Express Federal freight" to 2 trains a week.



Joint stock company "Federal freight company" (subsidiary of JSC "RZD") is one of the largest cargo rail operators in Russia. JSC "FGC" is among the three leaders of the rating of operators INFOLine RAIL RUSSIA TOP.

The main activity of the Company is providing rolling stock for transportation of goods, and rendering of transport-forwarding services. Total car fleet of JSC "FGC" is 137,1 thousand units of rolling stock (as of 20.02.2020).

On the Russian Railways has 15 branches and agencies of transport services JSC Federal freight, as well as representative offices in Moscow and Kazakhstan.

Official site of JSC "FGC": www.railfgk.ru.

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