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Freight report, week 8 2020
Region: Volga-don basin, the Azov sea, Black sea, Caspian sea Tonnage: Bonfire
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Azov freight market showed signs of recovery in the reporting week. First, in the region seriously reduced the number of spot fleet, which allowed the Owners to take a break and try to up the ante on the next flight. Second , the 9th week in Russia will be cropped in connection with the celebration of the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy: many Charterers decided to provide tonnage and relatively high demand led to the rebound rates from the bottom.

The big resonance was caused by the results of the latest Turkish tender, which was announced last week. Players received a clear signal reduction in the price of cereals, and after that, the market has become much more offers cargo. Traders believe that the price will continue to fall in the spring and therefore autumn a sell "futures" at a price which is 2-4$ below the current one.

The main trend held in Dubai Gulfood exhibition 2020 was a significant decline in prices of wheat flour on foreign markets. According to experts, this chain reaction will also affect the price of wheat in the new grain season. However, many millers for the sake of reducing the cost of raw materials are all possible ways to cut costs, and the main method for this is the increase in size of shipments. It can strike at Azov kosterna the market because the main buyer and processor of domestic wheat is Turkey, where the goods are imported 3K - 5K parties.

Monitoring of the Caspian market to show an upward trend, not only due to the upcoming Novruz, but also the growing range of fertilizers from Turkmenistan. Shipment of Bekdash in Baku (with a further shipment on the black sea coast) gradually transformed into self-traffic that soon will be able to compete with the transport of grain to Iran. High speed loading and low transit time enables Owners to achieve a high turnover of the fleet, and rising rates make these flights more profitable. Participants of the market consider that with opening of navigation this traffic can attract more tonnage from the Black sea.

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