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"Baltic leasing" is the first of the leading industry players launched the catalog aggregator in the segment machinery
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The company "Baltic leasing" has launched on its website a new version of the catalogue of special equipmentthat helps customers to save time and navigate in the price of necessary assets. The lessor became the first player in the market among the leading companies* introducing a separate directory aggregator in the segment of machinery.

In addition to the cost for each unit of equipment will be available information about the region in which it is available, which is also very convenient for customers throughout the branch network "the Baltic leasing". Updating and Supplement of the catalogue will be implemented constantly.

"When we talk about implementation of digital technologies in business processes of the company, it is important not only to integrate into the work of already proven tools, but also to create something new. This directory of machinery – another of our investments in strengthening the company's position in the market. It is also a big plus to customer centricity: potential lessees will be much easier to view all the possible options suitable for their requirements of machinery at one site and not multiple sites," explains Director of product development and relationships with partners of the company "Baltic leasing" Andrey Volkov.


*The term "leading companies" in this case, brings together the top 10 leasing companies by the rating Agency "Expert RA" (up to 2019).



Group of companies "Baltic leasing" is one of the leading leasing companies in Russia. Occupies the 8th place in the industry ranking Agency "Expert RA" by the end of 2018. The company was founded in 1990. The main activity – leasing of equipment, vehicles and machinery. The branch network of the company has 74 units throughout Russia. By the end of 2018, the volume of new business (cost of leasing property without VAT) of the company "Baltic leasing" has exceeded 42,6 billion rubles. The volume of leasing portfolio on the balance of payments to be received on 01.01.2019 is 51.1 billion. "Expert RA" has assigned the company "Baltic leasing" credit rating at the level of the ruA with a positive Outlook. Fitch Ratings has assigned the company "Baltic leasing" long-term Issuer default rating at "BB" with a stable Outlook. More detailed information can be found on the website: www.baltlease.ru

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