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Rosselkhozbank said about the profitability of the domestic agricultural sector
Agricultural Bank analyzed the profitability of Russian agriculture in the context of sub-sectors according to the results of 2019 and has called the possible factors further increase production.
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In 2019, the profitability of Russian agriculture on EBITDA totalled 20%, which is higher than the end of 2018 (19%).

With a moderate increase in overall profitability of agriculture in selected sub-sectors showed substantial growth. The leaders in increase in this indicator steel greenhouse vegetable production (from 44% in 2018 to 52% in 2019), growing (from 23% to 29%) and beef cattle (from 42% to 45%).

"In 2019, the industry was again one of the growth drivers of the Russian economy. We see a positive trend in the change of profitability of domestic agriculture. Come into this industry, and non-core investors, as the APK is attracting them to its margins. For 20 years the agricultural Bank has accumulated and analyzed a tremendous expertise which we are ready to share", – commented First Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank Irina Gutkina.


First Deputy Chairman of the management Board of Rosselkhozbank added that on the background of the apparent saturation of the markets of food products of the domestic agricultural sector retains significant potential for further growth in production. Key growth factors are the features of local markets and export potential.

Data were presented at the international conference "Where the margin" in Moscow.

JSC "Rosselhozbank" is the basis of national credit and financial service system of agroindustrial complex of Russia. The Bank was founded in 2000 and today is a key lender to the agriculture of the country, is among the largest and most stable banks in the country in terms of assets and capital, as well as the leaders of a reliability rating of the largest Russian banks.

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