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"Rosgosstrakh" in Rostov-on-don has insured the health of the employees of large agricultural holdings for 2 billion rubles
Branch of "Rosgosstrakh" in the Rostov region has concluded the contract of voluntary medical insurance with one of the region's largest agricultural holdings, which specializiruetsya on growing crops, dairy farming, horticulture and vegetable production. Voluntary medical insurance policies provided more than 200 employees, the amount of liability insurance "Rosgosstrakh" under the contract is 2 billion rubles.
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A comprehensive program of health insurance includes out-patient-polyclinic, ambulance and emergency hospital care, planned hospitalization, dental services, home help, medical assistance trips across Russia and abroad. VHI insured employees of the company will be able not only to apply to leading medical institutions, but also to use the innovative service consultation by specialists of the Moscow clinics, in the comfort of your office or home, – "CSG Telemedicine".

"Voluntary medical insurance is an important element of the social package as a responsible employer, — the Director of branch "Rosgosstrakh" in the Rostov region Dmitry Yesipov. — It is natural that in the first place a serious concern on the staff are major enterprises. A few years ago most of these were the giants of industrial production, the oil and gas sector, banking and IT sector. Today, that care about their employees and demonstrate the company's agro-industrial complex. The level of service and reliability of the insurer are the main criteria when choosing a partner for LCA. With this company we signed a contract for the first time and hope that his employees will appreciate our medical services and support".

As noted by Dmitry Esipov, "Rosgosstrakh" has made significant progress in the market of corporate LCA over the past year, outstripping the growth rate of its main competitors. And this fact did not go unnoticed by customers: implementation of several major IT projects has allowed the company to make internal business processes more efficient that the expected has led to improved services to the insured in all respects.

In the Rostov region branch of the company ROSGOSSTRAKH, which includes 40 sales offices and 3 points of settlement of losses and the Regional centre of settlement of losses in Rostov-on-don.

PJSC IC "Rosgosstrakh" is the leader of domestic insurance market. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are more than 1,500 offices and representative offices of the company, which employs around 60 thousand employees and agents. 6 October 2020 system ROSGOSSTRAKH will mark 99 years since its inception. www.RGS.ru.

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