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The company "AGRO" has extended the production of plastic containers
The company "AGRO" from the Kemerovo region, which is part of the Association "Rosspetsmash", due to the construction of the new plant has expanded the production of plastic containers.
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Today in the new shop "agro" operate rotational molding (furnace), in which the "baked" 82 plastic containers – not only for agriculture but for other sectors (trade, construction, processing industry, camps, etc.) and also for mass consumption (cottages, recreation, etc.).

With the opening of the shop production area of the "agro" has increased by 1400 square meters, it will in the near future to produce new types of goods and increase the volume of manufactured plastic products more than doubled to 90 million rubles a year.

The need for the production of plastic containers due to the high demand for them in agriculture in connection with the growing popularity of using liquid mineral fertilizers and other selhozhimii.

In 2010, the management of the company decided to use plastic as material, the most resistant to aggressive environments (agricultural chemistry, corrosion), and the next year began manufacturing plastic bins for sowing complexes by rotational molding.

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