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Patrushev: the implementation of the strategy of development of agriculture are possible when neumegen Finance industry
The head of the Ministry Dmitry Patrushev, presented at the government meeting on the development strategy of agriculture and fishery sector for the period up to 2030, considers that its implementation is possible under the condition that the funding will not be reduced.
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"Implementation of the strategy will take place in a difficult macroeconomic environment. The performance indicators will influence the risks," he said.

"Let me emphasize that the implementation of the strategy is directly linked to neuenstein the financial industry, including ongoing state programs," he added.

According to the Minister, the formation of a strategic vision is especially relevant today, since "the current situation demands from each sector of the economy of a competent and balanced approach and forethought of action."

Approval of strategy for 10 years, will ensure the harmonious coordination at all levels.

According to him, the document sets out 7 strategic objectives. In particular, we are talking about increasing investments in agriculture and fishery as well as the creation of export-oriented high-performance sector.

As the Minister said, these industries are traditionally attractive for investment, including foreign. "Working to attract capital will continue, in particular due to the availability of soft loans and preferential leasing, the development of the issue on granting of tax preferences, the use of non-financial measures that contribute to further attraction of investment," he said.

Speaking about the export part of the strategy, Patrushev recalled the task to increase export of agricultural products to $45 billion a year. The aim of the strategy is food security.

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