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Mikhail Maltsev: the Deficit of oil and fat products should not be afraid
Coronavirus pandemic declared by the who and adopted by the Russian authorities measures to prevent the spread of infection affected all sectors of the domestic agricultural sector, including the oil and fat industry. Milknews asked the head of oil and fat Union of Russia Mikhail Maltsev, what risks threaten the industry due to the spread of the coronavirus.
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- What is the situation with demand in the oil and fat industry in the backdrop of the spread of coronavirus? What increased the demand, and what measures the enterprise?

Increased demand for food, of course, touched upon oil and fat industry. Today from 2 to 4 times increased volume of applications for oil and fat products, primarily sunflower oil. Manufacturers fully comply with all claims of shortages or supply disruptions in the trading network no. You should not be afraid of deficit – in any event, the retailers always make certain the product inventory in case of sharp growth of demand.

- What risks do you see for the closure of the borders for import of raw materials and ingredients?

In our industry dependence on imported ingredients low. Borders are not closed to movement of goods, so that no risks are foreseen.

- Is there an understanding of how the stable price situation in the industry?

Despite the increase in demand for oil and fat products, price remains stable. The level of consumer prices over the last week on oil and fat products has not changed. Thus, the growth of prices for sunflower oil. In this regard, oil and fat Union appealed to the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation about the need to take measures to stabilize market prices of sunflower.


Photo: National agrarian Agency

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