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The Association "Greenhouses of Russia" has developed a number of measures to avoid shortage of fresh vegetables during the outbreak of coronavirus
The Association "Greenhouses of Russia" has developed guidelines for retailers and greenhouse plants, with the aim to avoid shortage of fresh vegetables during the outbreak of coronavirus and set acceptable prices for consumers. This is stated in the official letter of the Association addressed to the Minister of agriculture Patrushev Dmitry Nikolaevich.
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"The current situation is a challenge to the whole society, it requires the most concerted action and great responsibility. We have developed a number of measures that will create a "green corridor" fresh vegetables for our citizens. This will not entail any outlays from the Federal and regional budgets, and also for enterprises in greenhouse industry and retailers," said President of the Association "Greenhouses of Russia" Alexey Sitnikov.

The letter contains a number of recommendations. In particular, to reduce time for preparation of products for sale, and, consequently, increase the shelf life of products sold, experts of the Association proposed to establish uniform standards for the marking of products for all networks and manufacturers. According to Sitnikova, this will ensure the fastest possible delivery of fresh vegetables on the shelves of any commercial network. "At the moment, each network has its own marking. As a result, if products marked for another network and she's not adopted, we have to return it back to production and re-tagging for another network. All of this takes time. As a result, on the shelves don't always gets fresh produce. People are forced to buy vegetables picked a few days ago. In terms of vitamins this is unacceptable," said Sitnikov.

In addition, for production planning and preventing withdrawals products it is necessary to make compulsory execution of the stated amount trading among greenhouse plants and commercial networks. Also, the letter proposed a moratorium on penalties for supply in favor of mutual obligations.

"Today our country, along with countries around the world are faced with a serious challenge — the spread of a new coronavirus infection, bearing a serious threat to the health of our citizens. We know that the government of the Russian Federation and the state authorities are doing everything necessary to prevent the spread of infection, protect health and assist the sick in conditions of a global pandemic," said the head of the Association.

Sitnikov recalled that in recent years, the greenhouse vegetable industry in our country is showing significant investment growth. For 5 years, built and upgraded more than 1,2 thousand hectares of high tech greenhouses, production output increased by 87.9% compared to 2014.


The Association "Greenhouses of Russia" is the largest professional Association of greenhouses of Russia. The Association consists of 242 enterprises, including 127 greenhouses. Association members include the largest manufacturers as"Lobaccaro", "agro-invest", APH "Eco-Culture", "Vyborzhets", "may", "Group Gorkunov", "Yaroslavl", etc.

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