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Russian plant produced low loader semi-trailer with mechanical ramps for the transportation of road construction machinery
For transportation of road construction equipment, where you want the minimum angle on the trawl, often used semi-trailers with hydraulic ramps. On the one hand, this achieves the required small angle of arrival, but a used trailer can only with hydraulic tractor unit in the trawl must be equipped with an Autonomous power station. In addition, the installation of hydrotropes increases the curb weight of the semitrailer.
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To eliminate such restrictions, the company "Politrans" (included in the Association "Rosspetsmash") have developed a model three-axle lowbed semi-trailer with mechanical ramps double summation.

This solution provides the desired approach angle of 8 degrees, not increases curb weight and removes restrictions on the use of the hydraulic hitch of the tractor.

Heavy-duty semitrailer "Politrans" 94183-010-5Е07 has a payload capacity of 40 tons with a curb weight of just 10.7 tonnes. It is equipped with air suspension on the tyre 235/75 R 17,5 /12+1.

In the basic configuration, the trawl is equipped with fender rails, tool box, expanders frame carrying type, with removable racks on the platform. To operate the trawl can with any tractor with a height of SSA 1350 mm.

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