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The Union of flour millers appealed to the head of the Ministry of agriculture because of rising grain prices
Russian Union of milling and groats enterprises (RMCP) asked the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Dmitry Patrushev because of rising grain prices in Russia, stating that this situation could lead to a shortage of flour, the appeal of the Union published on its website
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"Against the background of General crisis and the fall of the ruble, the financial position of most of the industry is deteriorating rapidly. ... Because of the fall of the ruble and increased in connection with the profitability of export, farmers refuse to supply grain to flour mills or set too high for the domestic market the price of grain, as the bakeries don't take the flour at higher prices," reports RCMK.
The Union points out that with the price of grain (about 15 thousand rubles per ton) and flour (about 17 thousand rubles per ton) mill on each ton of flour will incur a loss up to 4 thousand rubles. The largest regional producers of flour, despite the high harvest last year, have a stock of raw materials at the level of just two to three weeks.
The appeal notes that the financial situation of enterprises in the industry is exacerbated by the fact that in 2017, many businesses "virtually deprived" of the subsidy in the form of concessional lending. "Now the authorised banks engaged in soft lending, deny many businesses mummola in the issuance of preferential loans due to losses and lack of sufficient collateral," explains RCMK.
"The situation is fraught with shortages of flour on the Russian market. Please instruct to take measures to eliminate the imbalance in the pricing of wheat and flour," concludes the Union.

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