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Rostselmash cares about the health of employees
Over the past weeks, the Rostselmash company is closely monitoring the development of the epidemiological situation in Russia and the world.
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On the basis of monitoring an absence of preventive measures. The staff of the enterprises of group of company is carried out primarily through the maximum reduction of contacts with people at risk. Prohibited travel, minimized utility visits of partners to the enterprise. All personal business contacts to the maximum transferred to the remote mode, including video format and audio conferences. The office staff performs daily monitoring of the health status of employees and the development of coronavirus in the country's regions. For workers, a holiday which fell in February and early March, held a medical examination.

The company also purchased the required equipment and provided a measurement of the body temperature of employees, staff and visitors at the security gates and entrance gates. At a temperature of 37,2 necessary action is taken. The company allocated a separate room for isolation in the event of detection of suspected poor health or symptoms of disease, before the arrival of ambulance teams.

In addition, enterprises GK Rostselmash organized regular disinfecting processing premises in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of health.

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