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In Petersburg has risen in price buckwheat, millet and salt
In St. Petersburg recorded a growth of prices for buckwheat, millet, and salt. About IA REGNUM reported in the Committee for industrial policy, innovation and trade.
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The Ministry said that the buzz of purchasing goods shelf, inspired by the spread of the coronavirus, subsides.

According to officials, from 23 to 30 March, the price of rye bread, flour, cabbage, and apples was stable, and chicken meat, milk, butter and canned meat even cheaper.

However, "after the high demand on some items was an increase in average retail prices" for other products. Thus, the millet price increased 8.5%, buckwheat — by 11.1%, salt 7.5%.

"These goods are on sale. Chain stores began their purchase in containers of large volume", — convinced at Smolny.

Every day in the shops of Petersburg carry out operational monitoring of prices, inventory and demand dynamics. Trading network note that stocks are replenished daily, and the demand for cereals, canned food, pasta and other most popular categories of goods stabilized. In the stores making sure that they were on the shelves.

Note, according to the townspeople, it turns out with variable success, for example some stores in the Vyborg district at the weekend on 28 and 29 March were completely stripped departments with chicken meat.

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