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More than 500 kg of feed per hour with the new extruder from "ZHASKO"
The new press-extruder with a capacity of up to 520 kg/h.
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The specialists of the company "ZHASKO" is developed, tested and released a new model equipment - universal press-extruder-PE 450УШ.

Now the ruler of extruders "ZHASKO" has become even wider. These are the extruders, who won the competition "100 best goods of Russia".

Years of experience have allowed us to create a model of the extruder with an optimal ratio of price, quality and performance. Provided that the engine power of 45 kW, and the size is small enough, the performance of this model to 520 kg/hour is undoubtedly high. Because the performance of extruders with an engine power of 45 kW is usually not more than 450-470 kg/HR.

The extruder is suitable for the preparation of complete feed from a wide range of products:

- grain crops (wheat, barley, corn, etc.);

- legumes and oilseed crops (soybean, lupine, peas, etc.);

- various mixtures of grains, in particular, from a mixture of grain and straw (reeds);

- waste processing of meat, poultry and fish mixed with vegetable filler;

- wet stale grain that already has the smell of ammonia.

Moreover, the design is re-engineered for maximum simplification of work of the operator. For example, the hopper with integrated viewing window for easy level control of raw materials. The feed path of the product is completely closed, which eliminates the possibility of ingress of foreign objects and spreading of the product in the production process of the extrudate.

Provides the ability to perform maintenance in the shortest possible time thanks to the supply of the device for disassembly of the extruder.

Also, the extruder-PE 450УШ runs quieter than their counterparts due to the use in the design of specialized vibrator, V-belt transmission with Optibelt special components and modular design.

A more detailed description of the new extruder look in the directory on our website and in the video