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JCB launches enclosures for ventilators
In response to the request of the head of the UK government to support the state in connection with the shortage of ventilators (IVL) company JCB announced the resumption of the work of one of the plants. The production was closed as a result of the crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus. After the conversion the plant is ready to start production of housings for medical ventilators.
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Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson approached JCB with a call to convert the production lines of the company and thus help to fill the shortage of ventilators required for the salvation of the population, patients with coronavirus.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of JCB, Lord Bamford immediately mobilized research and engineering teams to explore possible ways of helping.

Now the company is ready to resume the work of one of its factories, which for nearly two weeks was closed as a result of the crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus. Instead of the production of cabs for excavator JCB plant may commence production of 10,000 cases for the ventilator Dyson completely new design. Production will start after Dyson will receive all necessary approvals from the regulatory authorities.

The first prototypes of buildings of special steel has been delivered to Dyson. They came down the Assembly line of JCB Cab Systems in Uttoxeter, Staffordshire. March 18 this production, as with other JCB factories in the UK, was suspended after the fall in demand caused by the crisis. Mass production of buildings could begin in the coming days.

"When we were approached by the Prime Minister, we, as a British company, has decided to provide all possible assistance, commented Lord Bamford. – We have gone from design to production in just a few days. And I'm glad that thanks to our talented engineers, designers and production staff line so we were able to quickly offer a solution in terms of a national crisis. Since the problem is global, JCB, of course, will help with the production of additional buildings for the medical ventilators when they are required and to other countries."


Company profile

JCB is one of the largest manufacturers of construction and agricultural machinery. To date, engineering and technical support JCB is one of the best in the world, the company produces more than 300 models of vehicles and is well known for the unsurpassed level of customer service. JCB manufactures equipment in 22 factories on 4 continents: UK, Brazil, India, USA and China. Throughout its 70-year history, the company invests heavily in research and development, thereby continually innovates and uses the latest technology. The company provides customers with a comprehensive offer: JCB service, parts and financing program of the housing Finance. Official website www.jcb.com.

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