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Oleg Orphan in closed markets, and networks don't want to work with farmers
The head of the onf project "national farmer" Oleg Orphan on videoconferencing with the Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation spoke about the problems of marketing small businesses and farmers. He stressed that instead of excessive demand came a sharp drop and even his well-known in the Moscow region the company sells 10-12% of normal volumes.
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"Cows can't "turn off". What to do with our products?! Although it is very needed compatriots. Triumphant chain stores, which allegedly made it easy for farmers and taking everything – not true – said the Orphan. – With us now is even worse communicate, even just not responding. Escalate resource issues at planting. Many equipment manufacturers and agricultural machinery are now closed. And you need to send equipment and crews to repair, and even between regions. There are problems with interruption of supply chains, for example in Kaluga, closed cardboard factory, and then make packaging for milk. It's not farmers, but we need them to work."

The head of the "National farmer" onf asked to move all of the obligations and the timing of development according to the farmers the grants, a commitment to creating jobs, valoski, etc., to transfer the information since the farmers can not, breaking the routine, to go to the regional ministries of agriculture. Farmers urgently need a short loans, limit increase funds for microfinance to 10 million.

Orphan drew the attention of the Ministry of agriculture on the problem with debt: if farmers would exercise its right to deferral of taxes, you will not be able to receive subsidies and preferential loans. The certificates from the tax now is impossible in principle – they are closed.

Oleg Sirota also said that farmers can report problems in chat in Telegram: “onf. The people's farmer.”

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Источники: Dairynews