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AGROSILA sent for repair campaign of 500 million rubles, optimizing costs through lean manufacturing
In the new season of AGROSILA sent for the annual maintenance campaign of 500 million rubles a year earlier, the amount of investment amounted to 900 million rubles, according to Deputy General Director of CJSC "agrosila" on the activities of JSC "agrosila-Service" Peter Chaplygin.
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"Through lean manufacturing, which ensures proper operation of machinery and work carried out last season, we managed more than two times to reduce the cost of repair of equipment. We have also developed standard operating cards, providing them with the necessary tools, allowing more items to restore, and not to buy," notes Peter Chaplygin.

Traditionally, the repair campaign in AGROSILA starts November 1 and ends April 1, after which the technique begins to appear on the field. Prior to works are purchased the necessary components, if necessary, updated fleet, and the company takes place in several stages: renovation of units for pre-treatment, hereinafter - the equipment necessary to conduct harvesting works, combine harvesters, after sugar beet harvesting equipment. In the new repair season was attended by 90 experts who had prepared a fleet of agribusiness Holding, to processing enterprises – LLC "Chelny-broiler", JSC "Zainsk Sugar", LLC "agrosila-milk", as well as equipment operated by maharagama – LLC "agrosila-logistics". Today the Holding company is approximately equal to the number of imported and domestic equipment. The latest in the most part is a segment of smaller tractors (MTZ, VTZ, etc.) and trucks (KAMAZ), and imported, in turn, is a powerful, high-tech, busy during the industrial field operations - power tractors, challenging trailers, or harvesting - combine harvesters.

According to Peter Chaplygin, repair processes are built in the production system AGRO thus to identify and reduce all types of losses. They include overproduction, waiting time, extra stages of the processes, re-repairs, the implementation of unnecessary movement, the existence of excessive inventories and unnecessary transportation. Identification and reduction of losses occurs through the use of such tools of lean production workplace organization 5S, building a value stream, continuous improvement, the use of KPI system in the provisions on employee motivation, as well as standardized work.

The mode of operation of JSC "agrosila-Service" during the period of isolation is governed by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, according to which is not suspended work of the enterprises engaged in urgent repair and loading and unloading.

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