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NSA urged its members not to restrict the work of relevant departments and branches of the agricultural insurance
The national Union of agricultural insurers has urged its members not to restrict the work of relevant departments and branches on agricultural insurance.
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According to the decree of the President of Russia from 02.04.2020, to organizations that provide financial services in a part of the emergency functions that cannot be applied restrictive measures.

The position of NSA is based on this decree and on the need for the provision of insurance services to farmers who do not interrupt their activities.

"According to NSA, 3 April, the agriculture Ministry informed the regions about the mode of operation for organizations who are directly employed in the agricultural sector. Now in the regions the sowing campaign has begun, and farmers cannot be left without the ability to purchase insurance protection, especially in conditions of high load on reserve funds of Federal and regional budget that is associated with the spread of coronavirus infection, said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov.– It should be recalled that in 2019, the damage to farms from a natural disaster in the regions of Russia amounted to at least 13.2 billion roubles it is equally important to provide continuous insurance protection for livestock farms".

Given the importance of anti-epidemic measures of the NSA from March 27 recommended that the insurance organizations-members of the Union to organize the interaction with farmers that purchase policies in remote mode. The Union recommended acceptance of an application for insurance electronically, to conduct a survey of rural infrastructure using the tools of space monitoring. "Centralized access to the space monitoring system organized by the NSA for all insurance companies-members of the Union," – said the President of the NRA of the Roots of biggov.


According to the Federal law No. 260-F3 "On state support in agricultural insurance", in Russia in the framework of a centralized system the government provides support to risk insurance of crop, livestock and commercial aquaculture. From 1 January 2016 at the market of agricultural insurance with state support is a single national Association, the national Union of agricultural insurers.

In 2018, the Law "On state support in agricultural insurance..." №260-FZ changes were made, the purpose of which were the flexibility and the diversity of conditions present. The law came into force on 1 March 2019.

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