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A new Russian tractor
St. Petersburg tractor plant (a member of the Association "Rosspetsmash") introduced a new universal tractor "Kirovets K-5" Premium.
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Development of farmer movement in the 2010s returned PTZ to the need to offer the market a modern, multifunctional machine with a capacity of 250.l.with.

The tractor is equipped with an original automatic transmission T5 (16 gears forward and 8 reverse gears). The Assembly is basically identical to what is on the more powerful car-7M, designed and manufactured in their own factory shop. The transmission is packaged with modern, economical diesel YAMZ 53645 power of 250 HP (Stage IIIA.), which was created by the Yaroslavl motor plant specially for tractors "Kirovets" K-5.

Rear hitch of tractors "Kirovets" K-5 uniform that is mounted on TO the-7M. It corresponds to category III, has the power, position control, has a capacity of 8100 kg. the machine has a tow hitch lift type TSU-3V ("fork") and TSU-3K ("hook"). Because of the increased strength, reliability and versatility of the design of the sample tractor can work with different working equipment.

Kirovets K-5 is equipped with a hydraulic system with axial-piston pump with capacity up to 210 litres per minute.

Agricultural holdings, large and medium-sized farms can consider Kirovets K-5 as a universal tractor capable of handling a wide range of tasks and auxiliary machine in the household. For small and medium-sized farms with arable land from 500 to 2,000 acres, a tractor can become main production unit of equipment, which will be assigned the work of cultivation, fertilization, harvesting and transportation to the place of storage.

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