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Able to work on the technique of Rostselmash? Get "Out Of Tune"!
Rostselmash starts the search for the most skilled operators of the equipment. 30 households will receive at the end of this kind of competition cars of LADA 4x4 Urban 3D 2020 You can become one of them.
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The program provides several different categories:

1. "Tractors RSM 2000" — the cultivation, planting, disking, plowing, loosening. Rating in the categories of:

a. Performance.

b. Fuel efficiency.

2. "Combine harvesters TORUM, RSM 161, ACROS" — cleaning of grain, pulses, etc. Rating in category:

a. Yield

3. "Forage harvesters RSM series F" — processing of corn silage and grasses. Rating in category:

a. The amount of harvested mass.

Attention! Machine shall be equipped with a monitoring system AGROTRONIC.

The program was initiated 14.04.2020 on 30.11.2020 G.

To participate you must:

1. To register through a representative of the dealership of the company in the period of the Program and choose category.

3. To endorse a form of data collection in the regional Ministry of agriculture.

4. To fix the performance.

5. Transmit the completed form data collection representative of the dealership of the company not later than 30.11.2010 g.

Processing of results and awarding of winners will take place after 15.12.2020 G. All participants will receive from the company a guaranteed fee — "Set of mechanic".

For details, refer to your DILYeru. Good luck!

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