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Crimean Federal University commissioned the eighth station for monitoring selkhozprodmash
Crimean Federal University has established eight Autonomous weather stations, which you can use to obtain the data necessary for the efficient operation of the agricultural sector. This was announced by the Vice-rector for external relations of the University Mikhail Sergeev.
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The weather station is already installed in Dzhankoy, foros, Simferopol, Agricultural, Soviet, and also in the villages of the Coastal, sandy and Small. The cost of the installation of one meteorological station is about 200 thousand rubles.

"The weather station is designed for precise monitoring of selkhozprodmash. First and foremost, we place them where we have our farms. They are Autonomous, powered by solar energy and transmit data via a cellular communication channel. We plan to obtain the necessary certificates before the end of the year, and in the future – providing services for interested companies," – said Vice-rector for external relations of the Crimean Federal University Mikhail Sergeev.

Using weather stations to obtain data such as air temperature, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, speed and wind direction, as well as the level of ultraviolet radiation. According to Mikhail Sergeev, it will allow to solve many problems in the agricultural sector. For example, to protect heat-loving plants from the return of frost or to learn about the possibility of pests.

"Pests as the plants develop in a comfortable environment. Collecting data from weather stations, we see, for example, that over the past 6-8 months the amount of active temperatures or the amount of moisture was sufficient to start development of a pest. Accordingly, this suggests the need for treatment of agricultural territories by means of plant protection. Conversely, knowing this information will save on plant protection, if the likelihood of the pest is extremely low," said Mikhail Sergeev.

In addition, after collecting enough data, scientists of the Crimean Federal University will be able to start drawing up more accurate for Peninsula weather.

"There are a huge number of factors that affect the weather. If in the preparation of the prediction algorithm does not take into account specifics of an area, the result will be inaccurate. That is why we are often faced with the inconsistency of weather forecast validity. When we employ the necessary amount of data from our weather stations, connect mathematicians, ecologists and climatologists, which will fill a mathematical model for the prediction of precisely those factors which are necessary for accurate forecasting in the Crimea", – said Sergeyev.

Soon the weather station of the Crimean Federal University will be established in the black sea, Feodosia and Kerch. Only the University plans to put into operation 13 weather stations.

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