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40 tons of fresh vegetables to support doctors and needy citizens of Moscow and Moscow region put APH "ECO-culture"
APH "ECO-culture" has provided more than 40,000 kg of fresh vegetables to hospitals and charities, to support health workers and vulnerable citizens during a pandemic. The holding company supports a number of charitable initiatives, including a project to help the needy in Moscow and Moscow region, organized by Khatuna kolbaya, together with a group of "Communicator", charitable Foundation "Access", etc.
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APH "ECO-culture" organized regular supplies to hospital No. 40 in the village of Kommunarka, which is at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19, and pensioners CAO. Because of this those who cannot personally visit the shops or prepare meals, receive support and serves restaurant quality.

Also in this situation, the goal is to help those people, to whom the care is most needed: large and needy families, seniors, veterans and critically ill patients. For this APH "ECO-culture" supplies fresh vegetables to charities that support needy citizens: for example, 4,000 kg of vegetables were delivered to the Foundation "food Rus", 5270 kg — Fund "a drop of kindness", 6600 kg — Noginsk social rehabilitation center for minors, 3000 kg — the Fund "Faith", 1800 - the Fund "give life" to other organizations.

The deterioration of the epidemiological situation jeopardized not only of needy citizens, but also doctors, because they have to work almost round the clock and risk their own health. "In such a difficult situation, the doctors are at the limit of their own capabilities, every day saving the lives of thousands of Russians. That is why our goal now is to provide medical staff quality and healthy food to thank for this feat," — said the President of APH "ECO-culture" Alexander Rudakov.

Now any reasonable help can be a decisive step to victory over coronavirus infection, so ABH "ECO-culture" encourages all producers to unite for support of needy citizens.


Company profile

Agroindustrial holding "ECO-culture" – the leader of producing organic greenhouse vegetables in Russia. Main crops: tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.

The production capacity of the holding currently amounts to more than 230 hectares of high tech greenhouses (Stavropol Krai, Leningrad, Tula and Lipetsk region).

In 2020 it is planned to expand production by commissioning new production areas in the Stavropol region, Tula, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Moscow regions. In 2023 square greenhouses of the agricultural holding "ECO-culture" for the production of vegetables in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan will exceed 663 hectares of high tech greenhouses, and the annual volume of production will exceed 400 thousand tons.

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