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Svinokompleks "Zvyaginskiy" sent the first batch of animals at Dmitrogorsky meat processing plant
Svinokompleks "Zvyaginskiy", located in the Rzhev district of the Tver region and put into operation in 2019, made the first delivery of animals at OOO "Dmitrogorsky meat processing plant" (both companies are into group of companies "Agropromkomplektatsiya").
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"The first batch of pigs in the amount of 480 heads were sent on April 20, says the Director of the branch "Zvyaginskiy JSC" Agrofirma Dmitrova Gora" Evgeny Zaytsev. – The average weight of the animals corresponds to the plan and is 122 lbs. Shipments are carried out in the normal mode, as in the rest of the pig objects GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya". The exit to full capacity will take place in may, while planned sales of marketable pigs will be 10900 goals in a month".


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Svinokompleks "Zvyaginskiy" became one of the five pig-breeding sites GK "Agropromkomplektatsiya", commissioned in the Tver and Kursk regions in the past year. The first livestock gilts entered the farm in may 2019. The object is designed for one-time content 69 thousand heads of animals.

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