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Regular participants in the packaging segment have confirmed their participation in the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia
In the work of the Russian fishing sector, IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia, to be held from 21 – 23 September in Saint Petersburg at the site of Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre will bring together key exhibitors in the segment of packaging - ULMA Packaging and SÆPLAST.
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Developer and manufacturer of systems ULMA Packaging provides innovative solutions in the field of packaging equipment, the development of which uses the most advanced technology engineering, focusing on the needs of the market. Especially for this, our company was established technology center, which is engaged in research, promotion, development, improvements, innovation and training. ULMA Packaging also provides services for technical support and a qualified after-sales service. The company produces seven lines of equipment: in-line packaging (Flow-Pack), thermoformer, packing the finished trays (Traysealing), vertical packing, shrink wrapped (Shrink Wrap) packing in stretch film and bag packaging (Sleeve Wrapping). Model of equipment manufactured by ULMA Packaging can complement each other and constitute alternative solutions to one problem, which allows us to offer personalized custom solutions, tailored to the needs of each client.

Icelandic company SÆPLAST is a world leader in the development of plastic containers and pallets designed for use in the fields of food production and processing. The process of creating products based on the method of rotational molding, which ensures extra strength, durability and high insulating ability. Smooth surface provides easy cleaning and significantly improves food safety.

"The enterprises for manufacturing of packaging play an important role from the quality of their services depends not only safety, but also in what form the products will be delivered to the shops. The materials from which packing is manufactured have an impact on shelf life and chemical composition of the product. All these factors play an important role at the stage of sale and create demand for a particular product. A variety of packaging solutions allows us to deliver to the end user the most diverse products of deep processing in various ways of cutting, with the appropriate conditions during transport, no harm to its quality. With the invention of new packaging technologies have of fishermen increases the chance to broaden the range of products and offer the most original solutions. Make a chain reaction – each new technology has an impact on the entire industry as a whole and benefit the companies engaged in the fishing sector," commented Ivan Fetisov, General Director at Expo Solutions Group - the company-operator of the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia.

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