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Flottweg, AMOF Fjell Process Technology and Haarslev will participate in the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia
Foreign enterprises, offering a variety of solutions for processing of fish, by tradition will take part in the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia. The event will be held in St. Petersburg at the site of Expoforum Convention and exhibition centre from 21-23 September.
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Flottweg offers separation technologies for the food industry, including for algal cultures. For the extraction of the optimal number of raw materials the company has developed an effective and economic technology of harvesting of algal cultures with the system of division - concept "Enalgy". It is based on two possible methods, each of which involves the use of highly efficient centrifuges produced by Flottweg. For small and medium enterprises developed a single-stage process with the use of the separator and for large industrial companies will approach a two-step process in which phase pre-concentration should actually harvest the cells by means of a system Sedicanter produced by Flottweg. Also in the line of equipment manufactured by the company include decanter centrifuge, belt press, centrifuge, Tricanter for three-phase separation system Sorticanter, which provides the highest varietal frequency as the separation of plastics. Furthermore, Flottweg offers services for the installation, maintenance and rental.

AMOF Fjell Process Technology produces fully finished technological equipment for processing of fish and its derivatives in waste meal and fish oil, which are used as shore-based plants or on Board a vessel and have a capacity from 15 to 700 tons of raw material per day. The company also produces complete equipment for treatment of polluted water during the collection of industrial wastes and sewage from ships and offshore platforms. The range of equipment offered AMOF Fjell Process Technology consists of complete process plant, including loading hoppers, grinders, conveyors, pumps, steam and condensate equipment, processing systems, moisture and dust, discharge products, mills for pelleting, storage and packaging, as well as evaporators, coalescers, presses, decanters, tricanter.

Haarslev offers an innovative installation for the production of fishmeal, which take into account the freshness of the catch quality fish, oil type, and regulate temperature in order to during processing to preserve the amino acids contained in fish. The range of equipment manufactured by the company, also includes: screw plate, twin screw press for extracting liquids from cooked fish, disc dryer for the continuous drying of defatted fish unloading pump for transporting fish from the hold of the vessel weighing system and drain fish, chillers for temperature stabilization of the product after drying.

"The above company will participate in the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia not for the first time. Year after year they bring to the exhibition non-standard solutions, interesting for many visitors and exhibitors. Development produced by these entities meet all the demands of the fishing industry and allow their customers to expand production capabilities. I am sure that this year Flottweg, AMOF Fjell Process Technology and Haarslev can surprise us with their innovative ideas," said Ivan Fetisov, General Director at Expo Solutions Group - the company-operator of the IV Global Forum Fishery & Seafood Expo Russia.

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