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The Governor of the Lipetsk region, praised the new jobs APH "ECO-culture"
May 4 a working visit to the greenhouse complex of the APH "ECO-culture" in the village of Bochinovka visited the Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov. For him a tour of TK "Vegetables of the earth" and distribution center opened in April 2020, held by the Director of the complex Michael Veretennikov. The Governor studied the particular labor conditions during the period of the pandemic and the willingness of the greenhouse complex to take more than 1,000 new employees this year.
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APH "ECO-culture" refers to organizations that continuously operating and providing the population with food in accordance with the decree of the President work as usual. The Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov visited the greenhouse complex "fruits of the earth" to witness the highest degree of safety of working conditions for the employees, and see new distribution center, which has provided residents of the region of 300 new jobs. The Governor also tasted the tomatoes that are grown in the Lipetsk region, and appreciated for their excellent organoleptic properties and rich taste.
Today in the greenhouse APH "ECO-culture" very carefully enforced measures to protect the health of workers. To the compulsory use of sanitizers added disinfection of places with germicidal lamps and regular temperature measurement — if the employee attends a greenhouse with a high temperature, they are not allowed to work and should consult to the doctor.
Such measures are particularly important in connection with the approaching opening of the third phase of the greenhouse complex "fruits of the earth", which in the Lipetsk region will be 1100 new jobs in 2020.
For us today it is extremely important to maintain high production rates during a pandemic and to provide inhabitants of the region secure and stable job. The visit of the Governor of the Lipetsk region Igor Artamonov has strengthened our confidence in the key importance of the greenhouse project for the region. We will make every possible effort to planning and to open the third stage of greenhouses "Vegetables of the earth", in spite of the circumstances, and to provide the Lipetsk residents for available jobs, said the President of APH "ECO-culture" Alexander Rudakov.
Company profile
Agroindustrial holding "ECO-culture" – the leader of producing organic greenhouse vegetables in Russia. Main crops: tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce.
The production capacity of the holding currently amounts to more than 230 hectares of high tech greenhouses (Stavropol Krai, Leningrad, Tula and Lipetsk region).
In 2020 it is planned to expand production by commissioning new production areas in the Stavropol region, Tula, Lipetsk, Voronezh, Moscow regions. In 2023 square greenhouses of the agricultural holding "ECO-culture" for the production of vegetables in Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan will exceed 663 hectares of high tech greenhouses, and the annual volume of production will exceed 400 thousand tons.

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