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Monthly review of the market of pork and poultry in April 2020
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In April 2020, domestic producer prices for pork showed multidirectional dynamics. According to departmental monitoring of the Ministry of agriculture, the average producer price for pork in slaughter weight in a month decreased by 2.39 RUB/kg and at 30 April amounted to 138,63 RUB/kg, which is lower than on the corresponding date in the year 2019, to 14,50 RUB/kg.
The price of pork in live weight in April has grown on 2,20 RUB/kg, up to 89,16 RUB/kg, which is below last year's level by 18.78 RUB./kg. According to the "Center Agrobaltika", through 2019 average prices of producers for pork showed a decline trend: the market supply increased, demand remained at the same level. At the end of the 1st quarter of 2020, a gradual stabilization of producer prices; at the end of April prices were higher than at the beginning of 2020.
In April 2020, domestic producer prices for meat chickens in slaughter weight decreased on average by 2.34 RUB/kg, up to 103,04 RUB/kg is higher than on the corresponding date in 2019, 3.18 RUB/kg. the Price of poultry meat in live weight in April fell by 2.77 RUB/kg, up to 79,05 RUB/kg, which is below the level of last year by 2.25 rubles/kg

In April 2020, according to the "Center Agrobaltika", saw an increase in exports of pork and poultry in natural and value expression in comparison with the figures for the same period of 2019; during the month the exports amounted to 58,6 million dollars. USA. According to the Federal customs service of Russia, exports of pork (HS codes 0203, 020630, 020649) in April 2020 amounted to $ 17.5 million. USA 8.1 million dollars. USA in April 2019.
The main Russian importers of pork in April were Hong Kong (7.7 million dollars. USA), Ukraine (4.7 million USD. USA) and Vietnam (3.6 million dollars. USA). The leading regions in exports of pork in April 2020, steel Belgorod (5.8 million dollars. USA), Tambov ($2.5 million. USA) and Kursk ($1.5 million. USA) region.
It is also worth noting the growth of Russian exports of pork to Ukraine in April, Russia supplied the Ukrainian market with 3.1 tons of pork against 2.2 thousand t in April 2019. According to the Federal customs service of Russia, exports of poultry meat (TN VED code 0207) in April 2020 amounted to 41.1 million us dollars. USA. The main importer of Russian poultry meat has become China: exports to this country amounted to 31.8 million USD. USA. We will remind, deliveries of domestic poultry in China began in the second half of 2019. The main exporters of poultry meat from Russia in April 2020 steel Stavropol Krai (11.4 million dollars. USA), Moscow oblast (10.9 million dollars. USA), Krasnodar Krai (us $ 3.8 million. USA) and Belgorod oblast (3.2 million dollars. USA).
The main export products of the category "poultry" steel legs broiler chickens (15.2 million USD. USA), wings (12.2 million USD. USA), boneless meat (3.3 million USD. USA)

According to preliminary estimates of the "Center for Agrobaltika", the volume of pork production in Russia in 2020 could exceed 3.9 million tons, poultry meat — 5,1 million tons

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