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Putin: we need to raise the strategic objectives in agriculture
Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting on the situation in agriculture and food industry stated that it is necessary to raise the strategic objectives in agro-industrial complex of the country, increase the competitiveness of agriculture.
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The Russian President described the task of the key parameter "around which to build our agricultural, industrial, scientific, educational policy, system of support and promotion of exports, development of deep processing of agricultural products".

"We continue a series of meetings on the situation in the base, in the reference sectors of the Russian economy. Today, together with heads of companies, business associations are invited to discuss the challenges facing the agro-industrial complex and related sectors, which are closely tied to agriculture, is the agricultural mechanical engineering, production of equipment for food industry, production of fertilizers", — Putin said, opening the meeting.

Russia fully provides itself with food, the harvest this year is good, Putin said.

"Grain harvest in Russia 6 consecutive years exceeds 100 million tons. This year we have good harvest... Russia fully provides itself with basic foodstuffs, consistently develops global markets is among the leading exporters in a number of positions," Putin said.

He noted that the country has risks of lower revenues in agriculture because of the pandemic coronavirus, it is important at this time to support farmers to have the resources to purchase fuel and raw materials.

You cannot lose sight of the strategic objectives in the development of agriculture, it is necessary to increase the competitiveness of Russian agriculture, said the head of state.

"Of course, as in all other sectors of the economy, for the solution of pressing issues cannot be overlooked and strategic objectives. It is necessary to increase the competitiveness of Russian agricultural products, domestic products, food enjoyed growing demand as we have in the country and abroad", — Putin said.

Today in difficult conditions it is important to maintain the momentum in the agricultural sector, he said.

"Today in difficult conditions, which turned out to be Russian, the world economy, it is important to maintain the momentum in agriculture, our farmers confidence in the stable operation, the stability of the operating linkages of the industry", — said Putin.

"We need to ensure their domestic market and to evaluate to use those opportunities which are now open for our companies, including, of course, export products," he added.

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