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The Russian plant has developed equipment for Altai cheese makers
Plant TAURAS-FENIX, which is included in the Association "Rosspetsmash", took part in the creation of packaging line for plant of the Altai cheese "Plavych", mastered the production of Mozzarella per pizza.
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Packaging of Mozzarella per pizza is made with packing of the complex created at an engineering plant TAURAS-FENIX. The whole process from cooking the topping before it is placed in the commodity packaging – is completely automated and requires no intervention from the staff.

The packaging process begins with the filing of the product in the multihead weigher. Specifically for “Plavych” the company TAURAS-FENIX developed a special Z-shaped conveyor, the decision was made taking into account the limited height of ceilings of industrial premises.

Automatic float cut into strips or cubes cheese, served on a conveyor multihead weigher AMATA-KATE-210-RD.

The feeder is equipped with 10 weighing pockets and a special bunker synchronization for packaging of grated cheese. All parts in contact with product made of corrugated stainless steel. This minimizes the contact area with the product and prevents it from sticking to the equipment.

Working on the principle of combinational dosing, AMATA-KATE-210-RD provides high accuracy and performance.

Depending on requirements, the portions 200 and 300 grams of packaged "flat-bottom", portions 1 kg in packages such as "pillow".

PITPACK SMART equipped with a special system for packing in inert gas. This allows to increase the product shelf life without using preservatives.

Packaged in custom-made packaging products in the discharge conveyor to the warehouse for subsequent delivery to consumers.

Equipment TAURAS-FENIX is designed in accordance with all hygiene standards and allows for washing, cleaning and sanitation, which is an additional guarantee of high quality, excellent taste properties, freshness and safety of Mozzarella per pizza, produced by the Altai cheese-makers.

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Friday, 07 August 2020
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