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The Prime Minister – the first production Familia F
The company presented the first production of the forage harvester of the family F.
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Forage harvester F 2650 is the most powerful of the new family. Family 2000 F models F F 2450 and 2550 with an engine power of 450 and 550 HP So a new line of forage harvesters Rostselmash F series is designed to meet the needs in COOK customers of all sizes.

The harvesters family F is designed from scratch, based on the experience gained by the Rostselmash company over the years of production and operation of previous generations of harvesters. When the design was laid a margin of safety given the increased capacity requirements of the machines.

The machine features a rich optional equipment as standard, including automatic control systems and settings that improves the performance and efficiency of its work. System fast attachment and fixation of the adapters with an automatic clutch saves preparation time combine to work. A selection of the headers allows you to choose the header under any agricultural conditions.

All harvesters hydraulic transmission, which allows them not only to develop on the stretch at a speed of 40 km/h, but also makes easier the installation of modern systems such as autopilot, etc. Plus nice touches like the inclusion of the Parking brake button. Optional for all machines available all-wheel drive.

The F series synchronized rotation speed adapters and rollers of the feeder, which ensures smooth operation of components and assemblies in the context of changing productivity. In addition, to change the speed of the adapter is now no need to change the sprockets and you can change the cutting length on the fly without disrupting workflow. Also has a function of automatic adjustment of the concave clearance.

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