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The Acron group launches the online project "Profession of Akron"
The Acron group, one of the leading manufacturers of mineral fertilizers in Russia and the world, has launched on its Youtube channel in the cycle of videos "the Profession of Akron".
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Videos designed to promote and enhance the prestige of the professions of the chemical industry, attract young people to the production of the Group "Akron" and demonstrate the capabilities of the company.

In the framework of the cycle "the Profession of Akron" the company talks about the specialties that are in demand in the production facility of PJSC Acron located in Veliky Novgorod. In the video, the staff of the Akron meet on a professional and entertaining questions.

The channel has already posted videos with the participation of young specialists in such occupations as laboratory assistant of chemical analysis, the bureaucrat, the technician, machinist of compressor installations, welder. Soon to be acquaintance with other disciplines, including the mining asset of the Group "Akron" - JSC "NWPC".

You can find videos of the project on our Youtube channel in the playlist "Profession of Akron". Subscribe and stay tuned!

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